Chairman’s Essay On Education. The End of Tyranny: The Trivium and Quadrivium

There’s a large reason the establishment has had the upper hand, and it’s because you are denied the kind of education that they only give themselves. The kind of education that does not let you compete with them when negotiating the terms of your life, simply because you are unable to know or form the idea of what those terms should be in the first place.That education is found in two classical methods that once was a permanent fixture of American education and educated Americans.

The first is called the Trivium. The second is called the Quadrivium.

Combined, they lay the groundwork for autonomous thinking and rational self governance. This type of education is the foundation, as well as the massive support column that holds up and preserves a Constitutional Republic.

It’s also the type of education that produced it in the first place. It’s why the founders sound and think the way do in their beautiful writing about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It produces the rough equivalent of “genius” in anyone raised and nurtured in it. If you’re curious, it is the method of the education employed in mystery schools and used rulers and the priest classes going back to the time of Aristotle and even earlier.

It was present in one form or another in American education through the latter half of the 19th century, until it was completely removed as a general approach.

Artifacts of it were preserved in the sciences, but only then in terms of specialized skills or in law but not so that it can produce bumper crops of polymaths and generalists, who would have no need for a nanny state of any kind and who would overturn  the global game board of war and post-war “re-alignment” profit taking.

Our founders were taught under the trivium and quadrivium. It was also known as a classical education. But can we produce a founder today? I believe it’s only possible if we reclaim that method of self-education for the masses.

Why no or few modern day Jefferson’s you might ask? Because the mechanism of creating one was derailed.

The trivium grounds your thinking in objective reality or rationality. Without it you can be manipulated at the will of someone who is armed an educated with the trivium and quadrivium.




1-Grammar. Answers the question of the Who, What, Where, and the When of a subject. Discovering and ordering facts of reality comprises basic, systematic Knowledge

2- Logic. Answers the Why of a subject. Developes the faculty of reason in establishing valid [i.e., non-contradictory] relationships among facts. Systematic understanding

3- Classical Rhetoric. Provides the How of a subject. Applying knowledge and understanding expressively comprises wisdom or, in other words, the systematic application of usable knowledge and understanding.

Think of these three facets of the trivium, when they all intersect, as a 6 coordinate system of grounding reality and rationality firmly in your mind in time and space within yourself and your immediate attention but coming in from your 5 senses. It helps you construct a massive, informed, inner life between your ears. It is a super awareness and insight of yourself and the world around you.

It is the first coordinate system of freedom.

It is the matrix of free thought and self teaching. 5 senses. 6 coordinates. hundreds of thousands of topics to think about and study. Do the math on the permutations on your grasp of any topic from that system if you were to apply it to yourself. The inherent power of the system gives rise to self-evident truths that you do not need to validate with a nanny state or a panel of experts.

And there is yet, another reason, why our founders “sound” the way they do when they write. It began with this superior education that has been denied almost everyone reading this.

it’s strength it also that it is completely auto-didactic and self validating. You are a self-teaching, self-learning computer. The Trivium is the first key to activating that which was never turned on by those who ripped that method out.

Here’s an example of the Trivium method never being learned or presented in the wrong order. Let’s put 2- Logic before 1- Grammar.

Here the masses can be controlled by controversial and inflaming conclusions found in the logic step from number 2 , which is conveniently provided by others, and superimposed or forced upon a situation where number 1 has had its existence and concealed or it has not been explored for validity. This is basis for calling something a fiction, delusion or hallucination.

Logic before grammar therefore is at the root of the power of propaganda – belief, hope and fear, over facts.

The quadrivium {meaning “four”} is the second key to intellectual self emancipation.

The Quadrivium focuses on mass and quantity in the concrete and in the abstract. It is the foundation of creative and original thought rooted in rationality mined from the Trivium. It brings the concept of a reality based, space-time understanding of the world around you for your understanding and to gain knowledge from.


1-Arithmetic.  Number in itself, which is a pure abstraction; that is, outside of space and time. Thinking in the abstract that is rooted in the language and logic of mathematics

2-Geometry. Numbers in space. Numbers applied to spatial shapes, relationships and ratios. Two and three dimensional geometry. Thinking of the spatial objects in the language and logic of form and ratio.

3-Music. (And light spectrum) – Numbers in time. Numbers as applied to the movement fluids, sounds and particles. Geometry can be thought of as solidified music or vibrations. Music can be thought of as the fluid or moving version of geometry.

4-Astronomy. Number in both space and time in motion in the large scale aided by the abstract language and logic of arithmetic. It is the combination of Number, Geometry, Harmonics and Cosmology.

In summary the inputs from the 5 senses are organized into a 6 coordinate system in the trivium with an additional 4 coordinates being overlaid on those with the quadrivium.

Without it, there is a distorted understanding of reality itself, and how the person fits into that reality.

Rip out the trivium, you have a person lobotomized from their own reality, living a hallucination.

Rip out the quadrivium, you have a person that cannot find or make full use of any reference to actual reality outside of themselves, and so it is the home of superstition and rumor.

Or worse, what reality is based on a vote of a majority with an interest in the wrong conclusion. Superstition reinforces the hallucination. Propaganda reinforces emotion coupled with ignorance. And there’s your tyranny.

Armed with the trivium and the quadrivium anyone trying to manufacture a reality for you to live in, with their version of you ready to read the lines that they want you to read, like an actor in their sick little play, is, to use a simple term: Screwed. Unless you take steps to reverse it. I sound the way I do and write the way I do because of it. It’s available to all, and always has been.

And yes I’m putting it out there that every human mind can have the insight and wisdom of a Founder to some extent.  And am also putting it out there that it would contribute very much to ending global conflict and strife.  Which is directly caused by it’s absence…and of course be the beginning of restoring the Republic, by restoring us to the kind of American we were supposed to have been.

It should therefore be no surprise as I mentioned before, that very old “orders” and “systems” of instruction still retain some form of this education, but not for the general public. Those with an interest in creating and keeping an advantage over an American robbed of thinking tools in his or her youth.

I therefore submit that the gap between the upper and lower “classes” of human beings is manufactured.

The class “struggle” not an accident, but a design feature built into society so as to divide and conquer it, perpetually. It’s manufactured so that a stratified, hierarchical system of control can take root.

If we taught this everywhere to everyone the stratification and hierarchies would be virtually non-existent resulting in a flat society of intellectual equals all grounded in approximately the same reality.

The premise for a nanny state would be laughed out of the room. But as it stands, there is a majority that applauds it, because they were molded to applaud it. The reason for the applause is that the mind has been molded to seek the answer that “feels right” due to rewards and punishments, and not one one that is arrived at autonomously based on facts who’s reward is a grasp of reality as it really is.

Public education’s center of gravity being one “right” answer, and one “wrong” answer leaves no room for satisfaction derived from autonomously produced conclusions about the actual world.

The logic or the “why” has been discarded. In it’s place is this reward or punishment (good grade or bad grade) based on the recall of someone elses’ logic (the instructor or textbook, or both). Again, the classical education builds up the process or skill that teaches people to arrive at the “right” answer, and avoid the “wrong” one, through a complete presentation of the facts before them.

That’s called critical thinking. What should be graded is how well or how poorly a child processes facts, applies logic, and presents his or her case – the “how”. Not on the “skinner box” the “pavlovian” binary scale of reward or punishment which of course leads to conditioned and predictable (controllable) responses instead of independent conclusions derived from a critical examination of the facts.

Remember that the word independence, a word found in the declaration, exists as it does there because of the classical education of both Jefferson and Madison.It should therefore also come as no surprise that to restore that independence we have to restore what created it.

Our minds.