Demolishing America and Rise of The Eurasian Economic Union: Russia and China’s End Game Against the West


To better understand the motivation for Moscow cultivating Middle Eastern extremism and terrorism, and promoting itself and China as the new political and economic leaders in Europe and Asia,  it’s important to understand Moscow’s end-game in Eurasia. An end-game developed with it’s long time partner, China.

Long before Moscow created ISIS to destabilize the area and tread victoriously on its rubble, there was an article with this headline in Sputnik News:

“Russian-backed Eurasian parliament planned: Central Asian nations being recruited for Putin’s plan”

It read as follows: “Just as Russian President Putin pushes for a customs-free economic Eurasian Union involving Russia and the countries of Central Asia, an additional prospect he sees is the creation of a Eurasian parliament, similar to the European parliament of the European Union, according to a report in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.”

Flag on Rubble

So what does this have to do with Demolishing America? Or terrorists and war in the Middle East? Quite a bit.The American people and their treasury, which is suppose do be theirs have been suckered into playing the bad guy, so Russia and China could look like heroes in the emerging Eurasian region, while we, the American people, sign all the checks and pay to shake up the region politically, militarily, and economically

Those who’ve attended my talks on the subject titled “Geopolitics, Geostrategy and the Decline of the West”, know that I’ve exhaustively explained that the wars of the last 15 years in the Centro Asian Ring, starting with the so called the “Arab Spring”, preceded by the invasion of Iraq, etc., and the wars in the “stan” nations are merely the demolition phase for the restructuring of the entire region in into a new regional political unit that will geographically span from Spain, the Atlantic Ocean, across to China, the Pacific Ocean, and upwards to the North East corner of Russia, Siberia.

It’s all been done with our blood and treasure, to borrow a phrase from prominent neo-conservative thinkers. So now it’s time to stitch this story together. The story of the decline of America, and the rise of Eurasia.

The countries and political units leading the way to put it all together is Russia, China, India a the EU and we have been bankrupted to pay for it.  Welcome to now knowing the real context of why there’s been over 15 years of war in the region and why we’re trillions in debt.

In this manner, The United States, but not necessarily you and I, are laying  the groundwork for the “united states” of Eurasia. This is the context that’s been kept from you.

For example, here’s an excerpt from an article from Sputnik to begin explaining that context:

“According to him (Putin), this is a space where people and capital move without barriers, regulated by uniform standards, technical regulations, and with a harmonized economic legislation. “We are not reinventing the wheel, but are acting on the basis of international experience, including experience of the European Union”, – he said.”.

What are the mechanics? That the management teams in charge of the US, China and Russia and the EU work for a consortium that invests, builds, consolidates, tears down, rebuilds, consolidates, tears down nation states and political units around the world as a coordinated syndicate.

The overarching strategic blueprint of the consortium or syndicate is the phasing in of regionalized political units, in the manner and scope of integrated mergers and acquisitions but with the added feature of military action and economic and political subversion for any necessarily hostile take overs, and to perform any tear down/demolition function.s effectively.The object is to replace nation-states with hand picked “management teams”, backed by and put in power by privately funded armies (insurgents).

Unlike the merger and acquisition of companies, the merger and acquisitions of nation-states do not occur bloodlessly. You wouldn’t expect a hostile takeover of a widget manufacturer, by a bigger widget manufacturer, to result in the widget office workers of the smaller company being acquired barricading themselves in the company cafeteria with AK-47’s.

But you would expect if they sensed that their nation were being acquired by force and sabotage from without and within. That’s why nation-state mergers and acquisitions are accompanied by force of arms and a cast of characters ranging from villains to supposed heroes. Ultimately the objectives is to harmonize the outcome whether bloodless or not, not the demolition phase necessary, with the syndicate and the consortium objective  that comprise it. The object here is to do what industries do over time, where large players vertically and horizontally consolidate.

What you are witnessing over the last 15 years, but whose foundation was laid over the last 90 years is the second to the last phase and we’re in the middle of that phase. That phase  will result in the consolidation of the Centro-Asian ring and the “-istans” into one consolidated region with Iran as the nuclear tipped heavily armed point of that spear.

A spear in the hand of both Russia and China that’s aimed at the West.

The re-organization of that region will a coordinated effort through diplomatic and financial and currency  channels, after all that’s left is rubble, the dead, and survivors desperate for peace. The last phase, after the one just mentioned, is the consolidation of the Centro-Asian, Iran-Turkey, Ukraine-Poland, and the “-stan” regions into the EU and eventually into larger Eurasian Union. One that will not use the US Dollar as it’s reserve currency, and may even create it’s own called the “Altyn”.

Included in this new region is of course expected to be not just the EU, China, India, and Russia, and North Africa but the US too. It’s very likely the TPP and the TTIP agreements are designed to meet that end which US Senator Jeff Sessions calls a Pacific Union. The union is planned to be the dominant political unit for the world for the next 100-150 years.

Does this new region have a name? Yes. The Eurasian Economic Union. It’s current predecessor and foundation is the Eurasian Customs Union.

The US will either be a major player in that Eurasian Economic Union, sitting at the head, or near the head of the table,  or could be relegated to the role of mid-level province. Do these interests squabble? Like any ‘corporation”, you better believe it. They compete and they cooperate – morality does not exist, only the pursuit of advantage. They compete for the best “cut” of any deal, and the best position at the table of their rigged casino or game board. A game board played upon the surface of the earth is a good way to understand this game. The board is covered with investment and consolidation opportunities, and every member of the syndicate (each consortium) “play” for a better winning stake than the other. But mind you, none of them are interested in getting rid of the syndicate or the game board.  Just us if necessary, because we’re just playing pieces – expendable

Perpetual war in order to impose change, in a macabre violent version of corporate “change management” is what we’re also witnessing. And just because I describe something in detail, does not mean that I agree with this global game board approach to managing and harvesting civilization. I do not.  As a result I understand the process and goals, but not agree with the blueprint one iota.

In closing I should ad that their biggest idea is not to control of any region for the long term in “peace”, but to sustain in perpetual or periodic chaos and upheaval, conditions that always force the people of a “new” regionalized entity to concede something more. Just ask the nations of the EU.

Eurasia 2